Drones area

An area dedicated to reseach about multirotor drones is set up in a large room providing a flight space. Researchers and engineers can therefore test drones before outdoor flights, under the best conditions. The drones’ position is located thanks to a motion tracking system based on 8 OptiTrack cameras. The platform has several drone types:

  • Asctec Firefly;
  • Intel Aero;
  • Parrot Bebop 2 Power;
  • flying wing;
  • fixed-wing mini-UAVs.

Cable based robot area

As part of a study about the flight of insects, an area including a cable based robot was prepared to monitor their flying motion. The robot is equipped with a mobile platform moving in 3 dimensions and allowing to examine the flight trajectories. The monitoring is done thanks to the high-speed cameras of the Qualisys motion capture system and some sensors embedded on the platform.

Robotics arena

This space offers an area for the evolution and monitoring of robots, equipped with a motion capture systems to study their movements. Different types of robot are available:

  • 2 collaborative robots Franka Panda, funded by IT2MP CPER;
  • hexapods;
  • humanoid robot iCub.

Experimental room for brain-machine interfaces

This space has been made to provide a calm and isolated place for the neuroscience experimentations. Several sensors are used here: electroencephalograms, brain-machine interfaces, TEA motion and force sensors, and Tobii Pro eye tracking glasses.

Prototyping area

Various machines are made available in order to create prototypes for experiments: milling machine, 3D printers…

Two Ultimakers (2+ and 3 Extended) and two Formlabs (Form 2, resin printers) are avalable.

The users can access to a dedicated space for various works involving mechanics and electronics. This workshop includes diverse tools and instruments.